Activity Center

Through professional teaching practices, purposefully-designed learning environments, and enriched activities, Creative Castle ensures toddlers have joyful, appropriate, and meaningful learning experiences.

Creative Castle is an alternative learning part of Little Chanakyas with aspirations to nurture and grow the child’s young creative mind.  It’s a center to promote arts and culture in a child’s life through various activities made available to all.

We believe in the potential of creative expression as a means to develop higher faculties of learning in children. The latent creative energies of children can be unfolded by engaging them into certain creative activities.

Creative Castle is where we nurture the developmental milestones by conducting age-appropriate physical, mental and social activities. We inspire the child’s imagination and self-expression by range of art,craft and literary activities. Open infrastructure, larger play-area, numerous playtoys, colourful ambience and fruitful guidance helps children in their overall growth.

Jolly Phonics

Our activity-based learning exercises combined with innovative Jolly Phonics methodology bring about remarkable improvement in children’s English speaking and writing skills . Our periodical assessments help us gauge every child’s progress and follow remedial measures wherever needed.


A uniquely designed curriculum that aims to improve the penmanship of children at a very tender age. Activities and exercises that will enhance writing styles consisting of Shapes, Sizes, Slants, Spacing between Letters,Words, Line alignments in a Beautiful, Legible and understandable way.


Engaging children in the natural  love of music and not only boots their brain activity but also activates their imagination. Music can do wonders and at Creative Castle, we utilise that wonder to improve the overall growth of the child by conducting activities instrumental music, classic music and western music.


Children develop new skills and talents while designing unique creations using a variety of wonderful materials.  Each Creative Castle Class focuses upon developing skills, learning techniques, expanding self confidence, artistic skills and craftsmanship and the power of self expression.

Creative Castle is Chanakyas world of fun!