How to effectively communicate with your child

The toddler age is a really delicate time for children. It is when the begin to slowly grasp and understand the world around them. Raising your child at that age is a tricky thing to master, with each parent having their own ways of doing so. Here are a few must do’s that can help new parents raise their child better.

Always provide a positive atmosphere:

It is well known that children tend to replicate the mannerisms of their parents. Providing a constant positive atmosphere in the household can greatly impact your child’s external demeanor. Whatever time it may be, always be in a jovial mood and entertain your child. Even teaching your child good manners and day­to­day actions like brushing, bathing, eating and good manners can be done in playful ways that are proven to make them learn faster. When there is a happier atmosphere inside the house, toddlers would automatically reflect that happiness on the outside, while they are in unfamiliar surroundings.

Be honest:

Well, you don’t have to ruin their fantasies about Santa or the Tooth Fairy, but when it comes to other topics that could have a more realistic impact on your child, it’s best to be very honest with them.

Build a language rich environment:

If your child hasn’t yet developed his/her speech, encourage the development by making a vocabulary friendly atmosphere. Read aloud children’s books, play more word games and word gestures that are easy for your child to understand and grasp quicker.

Don’t be too strict:

Let’s face it, toddlers tend to bring out their naughty side at any given moment. Young parents must understand that the naughtiness is just an extra burst of playful energy that needs to be taken out. However, if your child does something that you don’t appreciate, do not get angry and aggressive on him/her. Psychologists advise to use the power of words and gently request your child not to repeat the bad behavior. Criticism from an early age can have adverse affects on your child as they grow older.

Listen attentively:

It’s almost like a new discovery for them, when children start talking. It pays well to always keep your ears in tune while your child speaks. He/she may have interesting things to say that could only help you understand him/her better. Smile, nod and agree, even if you have no idea what

your child is trying to communicate!

Like many new experiences in life, parenting a growing child is a challenge to cherish. Do you use any interesting methods while communicating with your child? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

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