Teach Your Toddler to Share

Often children have problem sharing, especially when they are really young. It is extremely important to inculcate the habit of sharing. The best way to even start teaching them is to connect with them. You cannot force them to share, you must make them want
to give their things. Forcing will lead to other personality imbalances and you would end up losing that special bond with your child. Thus, be soft and gentle.

Be a good model

Sharing is more than possessions. Share your time with kids. Make them feel wanted and loved. Further, practice sharing with your kid at home and make it fun. Start small, tell your toddler that you want to share the space on the couch while having a scoop of ice-cream together.

Talk about feelings

Ask them simple question such as “Are you afraid you won’t get your turn?” or “are you afraid you won’t get your truck back?”. This will help toddlers recognize their own feelings and over time this recognition will help them respond back to the feelings of others. Further, when they see that you understand how they feel and you still give back what you took from them on the first place, they will start trusting you more.

Make it optional

When two kids wants the same thing it becomes a little difficult but you have to be very soft while dealing such situation. This happens a lot in sibling rivalry. You can calm the issue down by giving the kid an option such as “Will you share you red car with sally while you play with blue car?” or “will you give your car to sally after playing or do you want her to play first and then give it to you?”.

Bring pocket-time to playdates

When the timer rings, it’s time for them to give the toy to their other child, and then she gives it back once the timer rings again. This will help them understand that their toy will come back to them and that there is no point in being afraid. Set time even in home when a fight takes place between siblings.

Use descriptive phrase

You might not know this, but properly describing why you appreciate your child leaves a mark on them. Instead of just saying “you are such a good boy”, say “did you see how happy he was when you shared your truck” or “I am so proud of you. You make others happy and I am proud to be the mom of such a good boy”. This drives their attention to concrete details of what they did.

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