Making a routine of reading to kids

Motivating children to read has always been a challenge. The foundation for learning and good communication is reading. The intimacy of reading a book to your kids is a pleasurable activity and will have a positive impact on him/her. Here are a few reasons why should be reading a story to your little one every day before tucking them to sleep.

Improves Language Skills

Reading books, is proven to help increase the vocabulary. Your child will be introduced to new words, phonemic awareness, information and also the different ways to use the words they already are aware of. Not only reading books, make sure to read roadside signs, movie names, game instructions at his reading level. Depending upon your child’s age and language skill level, ask him to read or enact a story to you.

Introduces Morals

Pinocchio’s nose gets longer and longer as he lied, the boy who cried wolf, The Midas touch who was a greedy king and the list goes on endlessly. These type of stories with morals will help your children understand the importance of being honest, being kind and many good habits. And guess what is the best part of this? Your child will get to know all these without a stern lecture from an adult. It will also help them learn about relationships, personalities and help him distinguish between good and bad in the world.

Sparks Imagination and Creativity

Watching a movie or cartoon show, does not provide much scope for imagination cause the child can already view the visuals in their iPad or tv. Instead, when you read a book to them, they will listen closely to you, imagine the characters, the scenery and keep processing the new information. In order to make the reading session more interesting, you can ask the child to give an alternative ending to the story which will push them to think creative.

A special Bond with your Child

In today’s busy world, it is quite difficult for parents to spend some quality time with the kids. Reading together at night, without watching TV or attending phone calls is a wonderful way to strengthen the bond between the two of you. It will also serve as a conversation starter. Take turns each day and give them a chance to read out aloud every alternative day. Your child will definitely start to look forward to the reading time

Cultivates Love for Reading

Reading is the key to lifelong learning. If the child is instilled with a love for reading at an early age, then a commitment to lifelong learning is sure to follow. Reading aloud provides the child to pleasant, valuable and exciting experiences.

Closing Thought

Make it a routine to read at least one story per day. Try out funny sounds and noises with voice modulations to make it more enjoyable. Make them repeat phrases or words. There are so many good books available in the market. Start with books with simple language and a lot of pictures to keep them engaged. Happy Reading People!

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