Why Family Mealtime Matter to Kids

Family mealtimes matter. They create cohesion and brings everyone closer together. They are the perfect opportunity to interact with each other, have healthy and debatable conversations as well as provide good food and snacks for your kids. Eating at the table together with the family, does not happen regularly now days. We tend to eat meals sitting on the couch watching TV. It has been proven that, having meals with your children will increase their bond and proximity with you, and also develop healthy eating habits.

Here are a few reasons as to why family dinner’s should be made mandatory in your house

Social Interaction:

Family mealtimes help to promote child development. You can discuss life, current topics, events of the day, establish traditions, share experiences and have a good laugh together. There are more opportunities to introduce new food to them.

Academic Outcomes:

Experts say that, mealtime is very effective in building children’s vocabulary. The TV, computers, iPhones, and iPads are less likely to be used as a distraction. You can introduce new words to them. It is also a chance for you to know the academic strengths and weaknesses of your kids.

Behavioural Outcomes:

Children learn how to eat by watching their siblings and parents eat. The family table is the place where children learn social skills such as etiquette, politeness and good manners. Children will get an opportunity to be involved in food preparation or setting the table up.

How to bring back quality family mealtimes? It can be hard to get the whole family together for meals given the increasing trend of both parents going for work. But make sure you follow this routine at least 3 times a week. It will definitely have a positive impact on your kids.

  • Create a mealtime ritual
  • Make the table an inviting place to eat.
  • Remove distractions like electronic devices which may tempt your children to be involved in it.
  • Cook with your kids
  • Have pleasant conversations and eliminate conflicts.

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