Benefits of Early Childhood Education

Every parent wishes to impart their child with a great education and healthy upbringing with strong values. Early learning helps children to be curious about the happenings around and instills confidence it them. It will also be advantageous as they will be performing even better when they go to school. Here are a few reasons as to why you should be sending your kid to a preschool.

Getting along with others

Today, most of the families are nuclear families. In most cases, parents have only a single kid and pamper them. Every child should have some sort of group experience. In preschools, you do less of academic oriented classes and teach kids how to be friendly and cordial with people. It enhances their interaction skills, they will learn to share & co-operate, listen to others, communicate their own ideas and a good opportunity to make friends

Doing better at school

Preschool is an opportunity for kids to be raised in a structured setting along with kids of their age and teachers. It will help to prepare them for elementary school. Preschool helps to develop the child both socially and emotionally. They will learn how to compromise, be respectful and gain a sense of self.

Opportunity for growth

From learning small tasks like pouring their own juice, tying their shoelaces kids will learn everything in preschool. Apart from all this, they will learn their ABCs, 123s, rhymes and stories through interesting ways and not by just making the kids to sit down and read. In a nutshell, preschool promotes language, cognitive skills, pre-math and literacy skills.

Are you on the lookout for a preschool and daycare center for your toddler?

At Little Chankays, our learning environment is meticulously created and specially formulated for children’s growth. Our kindergarten is intended to excite the imagination of the children attending, and provide a stimulating learning environment. We have a special dedicated play areas, outdoor play area and high-quality learning resources and materials.

Every child is unique and has a different learning curve. We customize our curriculum to fit their individual needs. Parents are partners with Little Chanakyas in the early childhood journey of their children. Effective and constant communication with parents is key to the overall development of the child. Contact Us today for admissions.

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