Summer activities for kids this summer

Exams done, schools closed and it SUMMER VACATION. As much as it is relieving to roam around lazily during summer, kids tend to grow bored after the initial few days of holidays. Here are a few fun summer activities for your kids this summer.

Arts & Crafts

One of the most exciting and relaxing summer activities to keep kids engaged for hours is painting and drawing. Drawing and painting also helps kids to be creative. Buy them a few sets of watercolors, paints and colour pencils. Besides drawing, you can also teach them to do origami paper folding, creating scrapbooks by watching youtube videos.

Reading a book

Reading habit is very important and should be inculcated in kids since a young age. Buy them books according to their age and also find out the genres they like. If there is a library is your locality, enroll your kid in the library. You can also encourage them to come up with their own imaginative stories. If your kid is around 9-10 years, get them a dictionary too, to help them find out the meaning of the words they haven’t come across before.


Do your kids know how trees help the environment by shading buildings in the summer and protecting from wind in the winter? Keep your kids engaged this summer and also teach them a thing or two about protecting our environment. Getting your kids to enjoy nature, education and quality time with you isn’t always easy. Plant a tree with each of your kids and you will be instilling in them respect for the environment while at the same time showing them that learning and time with the parents can be fun!

Cycling and other outdoor activities

Cycling is a very good exercise to stay fit. With the growth of digitalisation, kids are more engrossed with the gadgets and it is indeed a challenge to persuade them to go play outside, not to forget the scorching sun. Evenings are the best time to either go for a cycle ride or play with the kids in the neighbourhood. During the afternoons, introduce your kids to a number of board games, memory games, scrabble, carrom board and chess.

Simple Cooking or household chores

Today, most of the kids are single child and do not have siblings. Hence, they are pampered by parents, grandparents and everybody. Parents tend to forget that, teaching them basic stuff to be independent is very important. Summer holidays are the best way to engage your kids with simple household chores. You can ask them to help you fold clothes, make rangolis, wash their bicycles, clean their bookshelves, filling water bottles and sticking labels to their next academic yearbooks & notebooks.

These are just a few ways to engage your kids this summer. If you have any other interesting activities, feel free to give your suggestions in the comment box below.

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