Easing the transition from preschool to primary school

It is never easy transitioning from one environment to another. But for toddlers, this transition a bigger deal and may affect them both emotionally and physically. The mere thought of new teachers, friends and classrooms can be daunting for them and not acceptable. As much as new beginnings are wonderful and you, as parents will be excited that your child is growing up, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

#1 Visit the new primary school

Before the first day of school, take your child to their new school and make them familiar with the environment. Whenever you are going out, take the route of the new school and get them accustomed to it. If it is possible, talk with the management and arrange for an orientation program so that both the kids and yourself will get a chance to mingle with the other kids and their parents.

#2 Keep Open Communication

Talk to them about the new school and what an exciting chapter of life it will be. Answer all your kids questions and reassure them. Help them prepare mentally. Allow them to experience the stress and fears as it will be a great opportunity for you to know about what is bothering them.

#3 Visit their preschool

It is quite common that, once they start going to their primary school, they may throw tantrums to meet their preschool friends and teachers. To ease up the process, take them to their kindergarten and arrange a playdate with their friends.

#4 Make “goodbyes” brief

On the first day or most probably during the first week of school, we as parents usually tend to give lengthy farewell and make the separation even more difficult for the kids. Keep the goodbye shot, positive and sweet. Instill in them some confidence. Assure them they are going to have a great time and you will be back on time to pick them up.

#5 Tell them something to look forward to

Talk about something fun they can look forward to once they are back home from school. For example, taking them out for an ice cream or to the park. This will definitely help to divert them from all the crying and anxiety and bring a positive impact on them. Children are full of imagination, so give them a positive thought to fiddle with and the positive attitude multiplies.

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