How to stay connected with kids in your busy schedule

Everybody seems so busy these days. Juggling between home, work and social life. When you are balancing career and children, you will find times when you are unable to spend some quality time with your kids. Sometimes when both the parents are busy at their work and spend less time at home with their kids, the bond kids share with their parents suffer. As kids grow, the gap may widen. Here are a few ways on how to fit time with kids in your busy schedule.

Meal time together

Kids these days long for quality more than the quantity of time you spend with them. Make sure you have at least one meal a day with them. Ask them about their school, their friends and pay full attention to what they say. If your child is a toddler, feed them and narrate some stories for them along with the food.

Weekend Getaways

Make it a strict rule, that weekends are meant only for family. Take your kids out to parks, museums or anywhere they would enjoy themselves. This will instill a belief in them that their parents love them and are making out time for them. Sit with them at home and go through their school work. Find out where they are lagging and help them with the study work.

Be with them on their important days

For kids, birthdays, school annual day, parents day, award functions are very important. There is a possibility for kids to feel left out when the parents of their friends attend the functions and parties and you do not. So make sure, either you or your partner is present with the kid on these special days.

Keep the child busy with hobbies

It is important for both parents to work these days to provide a high-quality lifestyle for their kids. Hence one way to keep them busy and not make them feel you are not out there for them, is to engage them with physical/creative activities. This will help them channelise their energy in the right way.

Closing Thought

At the end of the day, whether working or non-working,, every parent wants the best for their kids. Make sure you dedicate enough time for your kids.

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