Tips to break your child’s gadget addiction

Do you feel concerned about the amount of time your child is spending online? Do you find mobile screen and laptops causing the friction at the dinner table? Gadgets have become an important part of our lives. Children even have their own ipads, laptops and mobile phones. Here are ways to resolve your child’s gadget addiction.

Symptoms of Gadget Addiction in your child

  • When they are always around with smartphones in their hands
  • They take a cell phone with them to the dining hall and bathroom
  • Insomnia and throwing tantrums if they do not have the phone with them.

Plan Alternatives

Any alternative activities can definitely distract your child and also the whole family from screen addiction. Most of the times, kids get addicted to gadgets because of boredom. Engage them is some sports activity or arts. Encourage them to go out and play with the kids in the neighbourhood. If that doesn’t work, buy some indoor board games for them and a few story books/novels. This is a good way to divert your kids.

No gadgets at meal times

It is definitely a bit difficult to make kids sit at the dining table and make them eat. But make it a strict rule that gadgets are not allowed in the dining area. Instead, interact with each other during meals. For toddler engage them with toys. For older kids, tell them some stories and divert them from the gadgets.

Proper sleep routine

Sleep is very important for the overall development of children. Most of the households use wifi. Switch off the wifi an hour before the sleeping time. Make it a rule that electronic devices should not be carried to the bed. It is usual for kids to show a lot of resistance to the rule initially, but gradually they will develop the habit to sleep without ipads and phones. If they still keep showing resistance, tell them some bedtime stories and put them to sleep.

Important tips for parents

  • Set a time limit on gadget use
  • Monitor their use
  • Set controls on internet usage so that they get to see only safe content
  • Do not stay on your mobiles/ipads/laptops in from on the kids and educate yourself first

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