How to get your child excited towards preschool

Starting preschool marks the beginning of a new phase in a child’s development. The most common question which arises in every parent’s mind is, “Will he/she be alright? I hope he/she does not throw tantrums to go to school.”Kids who are excited about learning do better in school.

Here are a few tips on how to create an excitement about preschool to your kid.

  • Talk to your kid about your experience in preschool. Tell them some memorable stories from your childhood where you enjoyed and had fun with friends and teachers. This will in turn, make them enthusiastic and look forward to going to school to make friends.
  • Kids are naturally curious. Read books to them about preschools. Visit the preschool with him/her several days before the reopening day. This will help to increase the child’s comfort and confidence in the new place.
  • You need to understand your child is just 3 year old and will naturally throw tantrums. They may definitely have a separation anxiety and school phobia. Talk about something fun they can look forward to once they are back home from school. Surprise them with toys or story books when they come back from school or take them to a park.
  • Use a reward chart system. Preschoolers really look into earning their stickers. The reward charts help you to praise good behaviour and this sends a message to the kid that he/she is being rewarded for acting in a good manner. Award them with a sticker every time they go to school happily.
  • Compliment your kids when they recite a rhyme or tell you a story taught in preschool. The compliment will further excite them to go to school and learn new things.
  • Few weeks before the commencement of preschool, take your child for shopping the necessary things like bags, pencils, colours etc. Allow him/her to choose by themselves. This will give him a sense of control and emphasize the fact that he is a “big kid” now. Also, shopping new things will definitely create more enthusiasm towards preschool.

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