Ways to encourage toddlers to talk

A child’s first word and his first steps are huge milestones for parents. After the initial , “mumma” , “daddy”, kids start learning other easy words to pronounce. However, according to experts, a child should be able to talk in short sentences before the age of three. Here are a few tips on how to encourage your little one to talk.


The very first rule is to stop comparing with their peers and getting worried that your kid is not talking as much as the other of the same age group. Every child has a different pace and the only thing you should have is – patience. If you feel there is a huge lack in their speaking ability, then you should consult a pediatrician or speech therapist.

Encourage them to communicate their feelings verbally

Usually toddlers primary way of conveying their needs is through crying. Over a period of time, they start crying along with actions to convey what they need. For example, if they are sleepy, they may cry and lie down on the sofa, bed or your lap. If they are hungry, then they may hold their stomach and cry.

Parents tend to understand these actions and obey to their needs. Start asking your child to verbalize their needs. Do not respond to their facial expressions and crying. In this way, they will understand that they need to communicate clearly. If they throw tantrums initially, ask them to repeat their needs after you. For example, “ Can I have a glass of water?”. Ask your kid to repeat after you and make them familiar with it.

Talk properly to them

Many a times, we talk in baby language, so that the child understands and also because it is fun and pleasing to hear. As a baby, it is fine to use baby terms to communicate with them. But when they reach 2, you must start using the actual word.

This does not mean you have to talk to them like you talk with adults. Instead, use the proper word and not the sounds or visuals associated with it.

For example, if you usually refer to the cat as, “meow”, you should start using the word cat instead of the sound it makes.

Read to them

Introduce them to the world of books as early as possible. Help them to associate visuals with words. This will not only help them learn the words but also develop their listening skills. When they are a bit older, allow them to explore books on their own. Start with books which have a lot of visuals and later short stories. Encourage them to say what they see and what they think is happening in the story from the visuals.

These are a few ways of encouraging toddlers to talk. Pour in your tips in the comment section below.

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