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How to stay connected with kids in your busy schedule

Everybody seems so busy these days. Juggling between home, work and social life. When you are balancing career and children, you will find times when you are unable to spend some quality time with your kids. Sometimes when both the parents are busy at their work and spend less time at home with their kids, the bond kids share with their parents suffer. As kids grow, the gap may widen. Here are a few ways on how to fit time with kids in your busy schedule.

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5 Ways to Educate Children about Good Touch VS Bad Touch

Watching newspapers and reports about kidnapped, abused kids is absolutely terrifying and disturbing for everybody. This also raises the concerns of parents and instills fear. Considering how common this crime has become, it is very important for parents to teach their children about the differences between good touch and bad touch. Parenting starts at home. This blog will help you to educate your children about the differences and how they should react in such situations.

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