Little Chanakyas educational program is “a journey to the future of education”. Planned and designed by our founder, an education expert, who share a strong desire and love

for creating new learning experiences that cater top-quality education. Everything taught and learnt using the curriculum provokes thinking, encourages conversation and instills a wave of curiosity, reflection and wonder in children.

Curriculum Framework

Little Chanakyas gives your child complete freedom to explore their social and academic capabilities. Everyday, children will learn something new; our experienced staff will assess each child’s strengths and work individually with them to build on that strength. The Little Chanakyas curriculum nurtures and develops 4 key skills in children:

Critical Thinking Skills:

Using a range of innovative teaching and learning aids, children will develop a keen sense of understanding and logical thinking. Children are very curious at an early age so we will hone that curiosity to make them analyse their surrounding in a better way

Creative Thinking Skills

Activities like arts & crafts, music and dance aid in developing the creativity in children. This can help children come up with creative and imaginative solutions to any given problem. As children grow older, this skill can greatly help in innovations, discoveries and inventions.

Collaborative and Communication Skills

An important skill to develop from an early age, kids are taught basic manners like sharing and teamwork. They are also helped in building their self-esteem and confidence to improve their communication skills.

Life Skills

A key skill for holistic development, children will learn to be flexible, adaptable and independent. These skills will ultimately help children grow into responsible adults who are capable of handling any given situation with ease.

Unique Activities

The early childhood programs at Little Chanakyas are designed to give children the correct playful environment, personal attention and growth-centered schedule of activities to nurture their growing brains. Appropriate socio-emotional care is given to each child to help him develop the right inter- and intra-personal intelligence.

Colour Day:

Celebrating a colour in order to memorize it. Games and activities that excites the children and learn more about the respective colour of the month.

Exploration Day:

Involving parents with the kids in the school. Exploring the kids learning by interacting, understanding and connecting with them through a walk around the school.

Fruits and Colours Week:

Through various activities and games children will learn to identify the various shapes, sizes and colours of fruits. This activity helps in enhancing the 5 senses: See, smell, touch, hear and taste.


Basic yoga techniques involving stretching and flexing of limbs will be conducted every week. Doing yoga can help improve a child’s gross and fine motor skills.


Getting into rhythm with music and learning basic dance moves is a great way to develop overall physical and mental abilities in children.

Arts and Crafts:

With activities like painting, collage, drawing, clay art, painting and drawing we will introduce them to various arts and crafts thus enhancing creativity in children.

Block Play

This activity assists in enhancing recognition of colors, shapes, sizes and weight.  Helps enhance eye – hand co-ordination, sequencing, sorting skills.

Role Play

This activity helps children to understand the world, their family, people who help them and aid them in understanding the roles that people play and will also develop a child’s growing symbolic play which will help him with literacy, numeracy and other essential.

Many such activities that nurture the overall growth of the children!