Our Kindergarten program is based on the concept of multiple intelligence, the teachers are trained to provide activities to suit the different learning needs of every child. The environment provides age appropriate activities learning areas like linguistic, mathematical, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, materialistic skills.

Junior Chanakyas

At junior Chanakyas, we encourage children to look for peer relationships, to play cooperatively, to share, contribute, and to interact with others in a group to explore & create! In addition, this Junior Chankays batch consists of a vast array of lessons and learning, through companionship & numerous recreational activities.

The syllabus is composed to stimulate and satisfy the child’s curiosity. This level concentrates on developing further social skills while introducing Kindergarten activities in a fun, exciting and developmentally appropriate way.

In addition to social development and inculcating good habits, social manners & etiquettes the lower kindergarten focuses on letter recognition and sounds, handwriting, sight words, reading, readiness, simple math concepts, and exploring the world around us through science, social studies and technology.

Senior Chanakyas
Senior Chanakyas

This Senior Chanakyas program, level organizes developmentally appropriate activities into many lessons and sessions designed to accomplish readiness as well as further strengthen the children’s self-confidence and self-esteem.

Teachers encourage readiness to learn and question; utilization of the children’s developing sense of responsibility; and their interest in play, construction, and simple games. Memory development visual discrimination, safety rules and sense of security are also an important area of development for Senior Chanakyas. It focuses on orienting the child to develop self-confidence and honesty.

In addition to age-appropriate activities in Senior Chanakyas which prepares a child for success in formal school, activities are conducted in language, number, music, general knowledge, in a planned manner. The child’s development is assessed through well-designed assessments done in regular intervals.

  • Personal Social and Emotional Development
  • Cognitive development
  • Theme based Concept Time
  • Math readiness
  • Language and Phonics
  • Inculcating Life-long learning skills