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At Little Chanakyas, we believe in providing a nurturing and innovative environment that stimulates the intellectual and emotional growth of young children. Our state-of-the-art facilities and dedicated staff ensure that your child receives the best possible start in life. With a curriculum designed to cater to each developmental stage, we prepare your little ones not just for school, but for life.

Meet Our Founder - Mrs. Ranjitha Krishnan

Empowering Young Minds to Shape Tomorrow

Founder Mrs. Ranjitha Krishnan drives Little Chanakyas Kindergarten with over 15 years of passion for preschool education. Her leadership fosters an inclusive, innovative environment where young learners thrive. Committed to eco-friendly practices and cultural diversity, she shapes futures through holistic development.


We do not just teach; we nurture. In each child, we see a future leader, thinker, and innovator. Our role is to provide the soil that lets their roots grow deep and strong.

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Ranjitha Krishnan

The Dream Builder: The Story of Little Chanakyas

In 2012, Ranjitha Krishnan, then a high-earning corporate professional, took a courageous step by leaving her job to follow her heart into the world of childhood education. Over the next four years, she immersed herself in learning every facet of preschool education and worked hands-on in the field, gathering invaluable experience.

In 2016, with a deep understanding and a clear vision, Ranjitha established Little Chanakyas in Bangalore—a preschool that stood out for its unique blend of educational excellence and nurturing care. The school focused on holistic development, ensuring that learning was a joyful and enriching experience for every child.

As Little Chanakyas gained recognition for its innovative approach and the positive impact it had on its students, Ranjitha saw an opportunity to scale her vision. She decided to extend the reach of her educational philosophy by franchising her preschool.

Today, Ranjitha invites passionate individuals to join her in nurturing the next generation. By becoming a Little Chanakyas franchisee, you’re not just opening a school; you’re becoming a part of a community dedicated to empowering children to explore, learn, and grow in a loving environment.

Are you ready to be a part of this rewarding journey? Join us at Little Chanakyas, where we create a world of opportunities for our little ones.


Discover how our tech-infused classrooms and interactive learning tools transform education. Little Chanakyas blends technology and traditional methods to ignite the creativity of future innovators.


At Little Chanakyas, we go beyond academics. Our approach nurtures the mind, body, and spirit, ensuring balanced development through integrated teaching that addresses every aspect of child growth.


Our educators are experts, armed with advanced knowledge and a passion for teaching. Constant training ensures they employ cutting-edge educational practices and deeply understand child development.


Community is our foundation. At Little Chanakyas, we unite families, staff, and local partners to enrich children’s education. Regular events and collaborations create a supportive network that fosters learning.

Our vision is to nurture future leaders by imparting timeless wisdom and strategic insights inspired by Chanakya’s teachings, fostering a generation of young minds equipped with the knowledge and skills to positively shape their communities and the world at large.
Our mission is to provide a dynamic educational environment where children can learn and apply the principles of Chanakya’s teachings. Through a curriculum that blends ancient wisdom with contemporary learning methodologies, we aim to develop critical thinking, ethical decision-making, and strategic planning abilities in young students, preparing them to become thoughtful and effective leaders.

More than just a joyful place

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Ragavi Vasudevan
Ragavi Vasudevan
Little chanakya is a best school for kids.. teachers and staffs are so caring and loving towards the kids.. very safe place for kids.. when it comes to academy, they are the best.. I have seen lot more improvement in my son... Thank you so much for teachers and staffs of little chanakya I wish you all the best
Manogaran Indumathi
Manogaran Indumathi
A good place for our little one to nurture for their future...very knowledgable mentors and caring nannies with a decent ambience.. my 6 yr old kid studied his KG there, comparitively they have improvised a lot in their curriculum and also they keep occupied the kids with lot of funfilled activities which is curriculum based, so kids enjoy the activities and learn through playway method..they even provide transport facilities which makes parents hassel free every morning.
Suriya Begum
Suriya Begum
Excellent place were the kids get nurtured. Responsible management.
Geeta Kambli
Geeta Kambli
We send our most precious ones with faith and hope to Little Chanakyas, for them to be sculpted and carved, at this early age and the school takes its best team of teachers, care givers and principal to nurture them in beautiful practical steps! Little Chanakyas amaze us each time, with their meticulous efforts for festivals, sports day, annual day and national festivals, to inculcate great values and morals in our kids. A great first school.
Sudheesh K
Sudheesh K
The daycare is really clean and organized... Joyful toys has really exceeded my expectations. the well trained staff there take really good care of the toddlers...,the daycare is really clean and organized if your looking for a good fit for your child I would recommend you to take a tour with them
Aarthi Yoganandh
Aarthi Yoganandh
Honestly saying a best school for children.. their kindness , the way of observing and treating children's was amazing and unbelievable... Teaching was excellent. They are not giving training for only education and also discipline and other activities.my son was not spoke that much before joined in this school . But after joining 2 months I never expect that much of response from this School. He is speaking , singing responding everything. Totally am satisfied , throwed my fear... Thank you for the teacher and principal.... Keep rocking ..
Kani Kamesh
kani kamesh
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